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"Jocelyn's need for family, friendship and passion will be familiar to any contemporary woman trying to balance life. It's Jocelyn's bad luck and the reader's good fortune that Savanna Welles sends her Asa, a compelling seductive, demonic lover willing to minister to all her needs -- at the price of her soul. Equal parts family saga, erotic adventure and compelling supernatural thriller, When the Night Whispers takes readers on a journey that is exhilarating, terrifying, and irresistible." ~ Jill Nelson, Author of  Let's Get it On

"…a dark sometimes chilling journey of life and love…" ~ Ebony Magazine, "Red-hot Sins and Scandals"


Thank you for visiting my website. I love writing mysteries, novels, and children's books. Under the pen name Savanna Welles, my first paranormal romance, When the Night Whispers, was recently published by St. Martin's Press. It was fun to write, and readers tell me it’s a good read -- and just a bit scary. Hope you enjoy it!

I'm pleased to announce that Just Us Books plans to publish a new Willimena Rules! children's book soon, and my early mysteries, such as When Death Comes Stealing and books from the Willimena series are now available in Kindle editions (with different covers!) at www.amazon.com.

For those who have read my books, thanks again for your support. And if you haven't, hope you'll give one a try. Many of my books and mysteries in hardcover or paperback can be purchased online at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and through independent book stores and online sites.